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Check for Asbestos Before Buying a house!

Thinking about getting a new property in Canberra? You need to read the latest news concerning buying a house in Canberra. Canberra Times reported that there’s a major impact on mental health caused by Mr. Fluffy loose-fill asbestos.

Before risking yourself, why don’t you spare a little time to check the list of contaminated houses provided by the ACT Government? Just click the link below. – Full list of houses contaminated with harmful fibrous material

What if you have already bought the house?

You can do an initial inspection of your property. Check the history of your new bought home to know where the dangerous asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are hiding. They can be hiding in your house; especially in your fences, ceiling or floors.

If you happened to buy a house built before 1987, it’s likely to have been contaminated by bonded-asbestos cement.

What is bonded-asbestos cement?

It’s a product made from a blending compound. Usually, it’s a mix of cement with a small quantity, less than 15%, of ACMs. Fibro or AC sheeting is the common names for bonded cement product. It is usually non-friable, solid, and rigid. The material cannot be crushed, pounded or transformed into powder by the pressure of hands. Normally, the fibre is not diffused into the air. Until the mid-1980s, in Australia, it was mostly produced and sold by James Hardie & Co.

There are several products containing mix cement that could be used in homes. They are:

  • Loose fill insulation
  • Roofing shingles and guttering
  • Flat and corrugated fibro sheeting in walls and ceilings
  • Floor covering backings
  • Water drainage and flue pipes

According to Taskforce, it is estimated that 30,000 people dwell in ACM-contaminated houses. The most common areas where fibrous product can be found are in the ceilings, walls and subfloors.

How can I know if my ceiling is contaminated by ACMs?

The bad news is; you cannot identify whether or not your ceilings contain this harmful fibre. The only possible way to do it’s by having them tested. You will need an assessor who has a valid license to do an inspection in your property. Then he will collect the samples. The sampling process will be done in a lab that is approved by NATA. It’s important to do the test in a certified lab because even the collected samples can cause serious health issues, especially if the ceiling is friable.

ACM-contaminated ceilings often contain chrysotile, crocidolite, and amosite. These are hazardous products that may be used in your ceiling:

  • AC sheet
  • AC Tiles
  • Sprayed insulation
  • Insulating Board

How to check my wall?

Dealing with walls is a bit complicated since once they are painted they look the same as non-contaminated ones. What you have to do is to check the texture of your walls. Is it smooth? Is there any repair patches inserted? Can you detect some moldings? If you notice those things, you may have to be very careful as it could contain dangerous fibrous materials. Check for AC sheet and AIB; they are usually used in homes to make walls resistant to fire.

Where to locate ACM in my subfloor?

If you notice that the floors of your recently bought house are old, then you have to raise your level of awareness since it may likely contain hazardous fibrous materials. It’s not recommended to disturb the material since dangerous fibres can be released into the air. Installing new subfloors layer over the old ones will not also be suggested.

Home Page Infographic - Canberra

What should I do with my already bought house?

For the sake of your safety, following asbestos removal and testing safety guidelines will be the best choice. Although performing DIY asbestos removal and testing is possible; it’s highly not suggested. Since a removal work may include a demolition project, you may be exposed to dangerous fibres and that is not safe for you.

Do you need any help?

If you decide to hire professional removalists, we can surely help you. We can connect you to our endorsed contractors who have a valid B-class license. They have followed some training and obtain certification to perform asbestos removal and testing works, safely. Our approved contractors offer services to do asbestos removal and testing in a residential and commercial area.

They are authorised to do the jobs, such as inspection, sampling, control planning, and disposal. These procedures will be done according to the regulations. To help you in deciding the priority for the removal job, you will be provided with a report. The report contains facts related to ACMs in your home, such as:

  • Location
  • Source
  • Types of ACM
  • Location and source of dangerous fibrous material that is not installed or fixed in your property

The main four services provided by our endorsed contractors:

  • Asbestos removal Canberra
  • Asbestos testing Canberra
  • Asbestos management plan Canberra
  • Asbestos roof removal Canberra

Actually, there are other various services in connection with ACM. The services include:

  • Emergency repair
  • Air monitoring
  • Soil remediation
  • Consultant


How about the price?

Prices for each service are different. However, our approved contractors will surely give you 100% free quotes. So, why wait? Dial the number and get one, two, even three free quotes.

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