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Q :
Are you an asbestos removalist?
No, we are an authority site, which endorsing great local asbestos removalists across Canberra and the surrounding locations.
Q :
I live in a remote location. Can you help me?
You can browse through our list of asbestos contractors and find the one nearest to your location.
Q :
Do I need to dispose the asbestos waste myself?
You can ask the contractor to dispose of the asbestos waste. An illegal dumping can lead to a huge fine and penalty.
Q :
How do I know if I get a good quotation?
Every job is special, and the pricing can be different. You should explain your problem clearly so the contractor can tailor the best price that suits your requirements.

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Clear Asbestos Removal Canberra is the free and easy way for homeowners to connect with great local asbestos removalists. Equipped with a B-class license, liability insurance, and years of experience; our members are always ready to help you!

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