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Here at clear Asbestos Removal Canberra, we get this question many ask this question: what exactly is asbestos and why does it need to be removed?

Any of our highly trained Asbestos Removal Canberra staff will tell you that Asbestos is the name for six natural  mineral fibres

Asbestos is a term for a group of six naturally occurring mineral fibres that was historically considered a very versatile and useful mineral, especially for construction applications.

It is flexible, with high tensile strength, and provides effective heat and electricity insulation, with stable chemical properties and of course extremely affordable. This was frequently mixed into cement in construction while also used for roofing and flooring in many homes built throughout the 20th century.

When a solid, cause and effect link between prolonged asbestos exposure and cancer as well as other lung-related diseases was firmly established, many countries banned it.

All over the world, the removal of asbestos in homes, schools and buildings continues as we do here, in the Canberra, Australia Capital Territory area, helping families and businesses in the communities keep their homes safe and healthy by removing any asbestos still on their property.

Canberra Asbestos Removal

When discussing asbestos, many tend to automatically seize in fear, and this is a natural reaction.

However, since it can be very harmful, we at Asbestos Removal Canberra approach it in a more calm and stress free manner. 

Asbestos is useful but it contains harmful particles. We make sure that you, our clients are aware of this and that they  understand the safety protocols we follow so no one gets harmed and that we really remove all traces of it in your home.  

It is also very hard to determine if something contains asbestos or is asbestos just by looking at it. 

Samples (asbestos sampling) must be taken and tested in an accredited testing facility or laboratory which is something we can also do for you. 

Again, it sounds so easy to do, to pick up something in your home you suspect might be asbestos and to bring it to a lab, but we highly recommended you hire us, Canberra Asbestos Removal to do it for you. 

We have the expertise, the insurance coverage and professional accreditations to do so.

Our technicians will be happy to help you.

We are proud to support the Asbestos Network.

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