Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was commonly used in building materials between the 1940s-1980s therefore Asbestos can be found both around the home and in factories, hospitals or schools.  Asbestos in the home doesn’t generally pose a health risk unless the material is broken and the fibres are disturbed.

It is crucial that when working with Asbestos you employ highly trained professionals like we do in Asbestos Removal Canberra to remove it as measures have to be put in place for the protection of everyone’s health and wellbeing.  It is difficult to determine if a material contains asbestos, however, we can provide testing prior to work commencing to ensure complete safety throughout the job.

The use of Asbestos construction materials in the home was extensive and here are some areas where you can find them:

We can do all of these easily and have done so before many times over.

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Of course, Asbestos removal is a high-risk endeavor and due to this, we are completely insured.  

When we work on removals our we take extra care to prevent any contamination that can affect your home or business. 

There is a special set of steps and processes to ensure all surfaces are protected from asbestos particles. 

We have perfected our removal techniques over the last eight years working in this industry.

All our methods follow all the government compliance procedures for the safest removal of asbestos. 

We also use specialized equipment to help us remove this hazardous material safely and efficiently.

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